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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car - Why We Should Use Them

A lot of people have heard of fuel cells and hydrogen fuel cell cars but few people know how they work and what their importance is in the future. A hydrogen fuel cell car would be perfect for world's atmosphere because the only thing that it will eliminate is fresh oxygen. Fuel cells are just like batteries and they will produce enough energy to power your car. But the interesting fact is that batteries will go down or will need recharging but fuel cells won't need these.

A hydrogen fuel cell will produce enough energy for your car through electrolysis. A regular fuel cell has two electrodes and an electrolyte and it will pass oxygen to one and hydrogen to the other. This process will produce electricity water and heat. The hydrogen is used to make electricity for the car and that is used as the car's power. Fuel cells aren't too stable and scientists are still working to create a stable fuel cell that can resist vibrations. This is really important because you need to have a stable fuel cell when you're driving on a bumpy road.

Hydrogen fuel will be fed to the fuel cell's anode and oxygen will enter the cell through the cathode. A hydrogen fuel cell could use hydrogen from natural gas, methanol or even gasoline. A hydrogen fuel cell car will have a lot less emissions than a regular car that works on gasoline. This happens because it's based on chemistry not combustion, and emissions from chemistry reactions will make hydrogen fuel cell cars probably the cleanest cars on earth.

Fuel cells will reduce a lot of pollution, decrease oil imports and it will also reduce the need for petrol. With the prices of gasoline going higher each day, these cars could be a cheaper option for everyone. Currently, the idea of these cars is still in development and it might take a while until we will see and use hydrogen fuel cell cars.

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