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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car - Why We Should Use Them

A lot of people have heard of fuel cells and hydrogen fuel cell cars but few people know how they work and what their importance is in the future. A hydrogen fuel cell car would be perfect for world's atmosphere because the only thing that it will eliminate is fresh oxygen. Fuel cells are just like batteries and they will produce enough energy to power your car. But the interesting fact is that batteries will go down or will need recharging but fuel cells won't need these.

A hydrogen fuel cell will produce enough energy for your car through electrolysis. A regular fuel cell has two electrodes and an electrolyte and it will pass oxygen to one and hydrogen to the other. This process will produce electricity water and heat. The hydrogen is used to make electricity for the car and that is used as the car's power. Fuel cells aren't too stable and scientists are still working to create a stable fuel cell that can resist vibrations. This is really important because you need to have a stable fuel cell when you're driving on a bumpy road.

Hydrogen fuel will be fed to the fuel cell's anode and oxygen will enter the cell through the cathode. A hydrogen fuel cell could use hydrogen from natural gas, methanol or even gasoline. A hydrogen fuel cell car will have a lot less emissions than a regular car that works on gasoline. This happens because it's based on chemistry not combustion, and emissions from chemistry reactions will make hydrogen fuel cell cars probably the cleanest cars on earth.

Fuel cells will reduce a lot of pollution, decrease oil imports and it will also reduce the need for petrol. With the prices of gasoline going higher each day, these cars could be a cheaper option for everyone. Currently, the idea of these cars is still in development and it might take a while until we will see and use hydrogen fuel cell cars.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Hydrogen Fuel Car - Did You Know You Can Convert Your Car Into a Hydrogen Fuel Car That Burns Water?(hydrogen fuel for car)

Hydrogen fuel for car

Hydrogen fuel cars fix this by storing the energy as Hydrogen and use a Fuel Cell to convert hydrogen to electricity as the car is running. Unfortunately this car is only cleaning up a small percent of its own mess with this "Clean the air" device, as the electricity used to break apart the hydrogen molecule is generated from coal. Hydrogen fuel cars and fuel cells are often promoted as being potentially emission-free if they burn hydrogen, in contrast to currently more common fuels such as methane or natural gas that generate carbon dioxide. However, as mentioned above hydrogen is an energy carrier, not an energy source. Hydrogen cars represent an unproven technology. Hybrid cars with extended range batteries represent a proven technology.

Fuel cells take in hydrogen and oxygen, and give off pure drinking water, and electricity. You use the electricity to run electric motors. Fueling is the greatest hurdle for hydrogen-powered cars, the company says. The only fueling station that can accommodate the H7 is in the United States, in Oxnard, California; another is being retrofitted. Fuel is the adrenaline of any car, truck or engine. Thus, it is every vehicle owner's wish to enhance the fuel of their car and save more of it as well.

Hydrogen vehicles don't pollute at all - clean water droplets are all they leave behind. There's less wear and tear on the vehicle. Hydrogen, although a viable option, is an alternative because the big companies can profit from them.

Therefore, setting up a hydrogen fuel cars is not as hard as it may seems. The materials are cheap and the engine can be installed manually by the owner in half a day. You car will be changed into a water fuel car where you'll be capable of saving 100s of dollars on fuel every month. Just imagine that!

Converting your car into a Water Fuel Car is not as difficult as you think it is. With a proper manual that can guide you through the whole process, the process of converting your car into a water fuel car can be done under $100 using half a day. If you wish to know more about converting your car into a water fuel car, visit this link:

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hydrogen Fuel For My Car - Is It Right For Me?(hydrogen fuel for car)

Hydrogen fuel for car

I know, you're feeling the pain at the pump. Many people like yourself are in a similar situation, and looking for a way to save some of that hard earned cash that goes to the big oil companies every month. In this article, I'm going to explore some of the reasons why a hydrogen powered car might be right for you, as well as some of the caveats of pursuing the dream of cheap and easy fuel.

Hydrogen Fuel For My Car: Obvious Benefits

Well for starters, you're going to save a lot at the pump. Your average car will run between 15-30 mpg, and you can expect less mpg's the larger your car. Gas prices are hovering above $3 at the time of this writing (and may be higher by the time you read this!). A hydrogen generator car can generate a 35% savings off of a standard gasoline engine, and costs roughly $100 to integrate. In addition, it's pollutant free, which means cleaner air and streets for your neighborhood.

So essentially it's cheap to add to your car, great for the environment, and you get an accumulated benefit each year over a regular gasoline powered car. What's not to like there?

Hydrogen Fuel For My Car: Caveats

While the benefits for a hydrogen fueled car are many, there are a few things you're going to have to do to make your hydrogen powered dream a reality. You will have to get a hydrogen generator that runs on a hydrogen car fuel cell. In order to get a hydrogen car fuel cell, you will have to search a bit on the internet for them, as they're not exactly household items just yet. Don't fret however, as gasoline prices increase, there will be also an increased demand for a hydrogen car fuel cell.

Hydrogen Fuel For My Car: Conclusion

A hydrogen powered car is no longer confined to the pages of a good science fiction novel. It can be had for a nominal cost, and configured properly, will save your dollars at the pump for many, many years! Don't just sit here at your computer, get off you butt and save a few bucks!

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Hydrogen fuel for car

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Why You Should Use Hydrogen Fuel For Cars(hydrogen fuel for car)

Hydrogen Fuel For Cars

With gas prices being what they are, is it any wonder that people have started looking for alternative fuel sources? Would you be surprised to learn that the best alternative fuel source is hydrogen? That's right hydrogen fuel for cars is probably the best alternative fuel to not yet hit the nation's market. The hydrogen used in these cars is very easy to find you get it from the water that comes out of your faucet!

What are Hydrogen Powered Cars?

A hydrogen generator car is a car that has been altered to run on water. The car has an engine that is modified to use electrolysis to separate the hydrogen and oxygen in water. The hydrogen and oxygen are both sent into the engine. The two gases work together to power the car's engine.

How do I Power My Car with Hydrogen?

The best way (and currently the only way) to power your car with hydrogen is to install a hydrogen/oxygen generator into your car so that the gas is funneled into the collection chamber where it combusts and provides power for the car. You can find all of the parts needed to build the generator for your hydrogen powered cars in any hardware or automotive store.

Isn't Hydrogen Dangerous?

The world has come a long way since the Hindenbergh disaster. Hydrogen fuel for cars is not only completely safe to use for alternative fuel (or to extend the life of your gas tank) it is far more practical than gasoline! Hydrogen is a clean burning gas as it gets burned into the combustion chamber, it simply evaporates into the air along with the oxygen molecules.

Hydrogen powered cars are cars that not only get better gas mileage than hybrids but they are far cheaper to purchase. In fact, you can easily convert your current car to run on hydrogen without spending very much money at all! With gasoline being so expensive and so bad for the environment, don't you want to find an alternative fuel to help you get from place to place? Hydrogen fuel for cars is the answer!

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